Remove Spigot Application Updater (applicationupdater.exe)

The Spigot Application Updater is an application which is part of the Spigot Toolbar. Applicationupdater.exe’s purpose is to check periodically that the toolbar is the most up to date version. It’s important to have the latest version of the toolbar because in each version we add new features and improve the existing ones.

It’s easy to uninstall Spigot Inc Application Updater at any time. Since the application is part of the toolbar, you must uninstall the Spigot toolbar and that will remove all tracks of spigot applicationupdater.exe.

Removing a Spigot toolbar from the control panel is easy – Just follow the steps below. Neither the Toolbar nor applicationupdater.exe Spigot Inc are not Spigot Malware, they are simple programs that can be removed easily from your machine. (example shown below is a Dealio toolbar):


  • Click on your Windows Start button
  • Click “Control Panel”
  • Click “Add or Remove Programs” or “Uninstall a program”
  • From the dialog box that appears, choose the MyBrowserBar and/or Spigot Toolbar and click “Uninstall” to remove it.

Uninstall a Spigot toolbar and application updater spigotfrom within the browser. (example shown below is a Dealio toolbar):

  • Click the “Options” button on the Dealio Toolbar
  • Click “Uninstall” from the “Help” menu

Q: Is the Spigot Toolbar Malware or is Spigot Inc applicationupdater.exe Malware?
A: No. Malware is defined as malicious software that is designed to attack and/or corrupt your machine – The Spigot Toolbar or applicationupdater.exe are merely applications that come bundled with software you already purchased or downloaded. There is no risk with using the Spigot Toolbar, however if you wish to uninstall the toolbar, please follow the instructions above and contact us in case you have any problems.