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Putting Software In Your Hands - Spigot

Putting Software In Users Hands

Let Spigot promote your software through our diverse portfolio of captive and managed applications.

Spigot owns and/or manages several of the World’s most popular downloadable software titles, delivering millions of downloads and impressions each month.

Our global reach, category breadth, and targeting capabilities enable us to put your software in the right users’ hands.

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Low Cost And Flexible

Spigot can help increase your customer acquisition with efficient and affordable campaigns across verticals. Have a limited daily budget? No problem. Want to max out distribution? We can do that too. We work with partners to meet budgets with flexible pricing structures, including Pay Per Installation (PPI) and/or revenue share.

Low Cost - Spigot

Targeted Marketing

With our massive network of software titles you can easily segment, target, and optimize your user acquisitions across a broad range of software categories, geographies, default browsers and Operating Systems. Some of our exclusive titles include:

Targeted Marketing - Spigot

Daily Reporting

Without accurate analytics you can’t know how your campaigns are performing. Spigot provides reliable, timely, and comprehensive reporting to ensure you are optimizing your campaign. Login to our customer portal and run reports and see the results for yourself.

Daily Reporting - Spigot

Take the Needed Steps

and scale up your distribution

Global Distribution

Provide your customers with a more integrated user experience and keep them engaged.

235 Countries and Regions

No matter where in World you’re looking to acquire customers, Spigot has the global presence for you to acquire your desired users in their respective geographies.

20M Installs

Spigot’s owned and managed software titles provide developers the opportunity to reach more than 20 million installs across a diverse portfolio of applications.


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With Spigot’s network of Windows and OSX publishers we were able to successfully run targeted campaigns across each OS.

– Gabe Adiv, CEO GMGP (Owner of TuneUp)

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—Gabe Adiv

Spigot connects software and people. With their network of publishers we easily distributed our software to our target audience.

– Nick Jackson, Product Distribution, MyPCBackup

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—Nick Jackson