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Search Extensions

Increase your revenue and maximize the monetization potential of your user base with Spigot’s powerful search add-ons. With our simple integration process, complete browser and OS support, and stable, long-standing strategic partnerships with the World’s largest search engines, we can help you unlock the revenue potential of your users and dramatically increase your top and bottom line.

More Revenue

Leverage Spigot’s scale and search relationships and earn the most competitive payouts in the industry.

Complete Browser & OS Support

Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Windows and Mac. We support them all.

Worldwide Coverage

Want to earn more in Russia? No problem. Need to maximize the revenue from your US users? We can do that. Our customized search solutions help you optimize revenue by geography.

Backwards Compatibility

We test all our extensions across 100s of permutations of browsers and operating systems to ensure that your revenue stream remains stable and uninterrupted.

Easy Integration

Our team manages the entire integration process. We walk you through step by step and can even build everything so you don’t have to.


Our easy to use, yet comprehensive reporting portal lets you monitor performance and gain timely insights into your revenue trends.

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Ecommerce Add-Ons

Make money while helping your customers save money. Everybody wins!

There are thousands of shopping sites across the web, and it’s nearly impossible for your users to know whether they are getting the best deal without spending hours scouring the net. Spigot offers an array of helpful shopping extensions that automatically find the best deals and coupons for your users while they browse. Spigot’s shopping extensions are intuitive, minimally intrusive and user friendly, leading to longer customer lifetimes, more revenue and greater end user satisfaction.

Customized Browser Extensions


Increase engagement and brand awareness by choosing Spigot to develop your application’s functionality into a custom browser extension.


Increased user engagement leads to longer customer lifetimes and ultimately greater user satisfaction.


Improved user engagement, brand awareness, and user satisfaction all culminate in the realization of maximized revenue.


With several major browsers in the market and updated versions continually being released, it’s becoming harder and harder to develop and to maintain browser extensions. Let us handle all this hard work and build your add-on. With our extensive experience developing and maintaining extensions across all browsers and operating system combinations, we can build an extension to meet your specifications and ensure its ongoing compatibility and uninterrupted use.

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Spigot continues to be a great partner to Download.com, sharing our desire to balance customer experience with revenue.

– Sean Murphy, General Manager, Cnet

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—Sean Murphy

The Spigot team is top notch, delivering strong monetization while collaborating with us on the ever changing search and browser landscape.

– Ro Choy, COO Bittorrent

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—Ro Choy