Natural Partnerships

Some Things Were Just Meant To Go Together

Partnering With The Best

Strong Bonds with Key Players

Spigot works with a small number of strategic partners, the webs most recognizable brands. From browser companies to search providers to anti-virus companies, we work with the best best on the Net!

Spigot’s distribution and monetization partners are so much more than just customers. We believe and invest in building true partnerships with a shared vision, alignment of interest and mutual participation in upside.

Guaranteeing monetization no matter where your users are located, Spigot has integral strategic partnerships with a handful of search providers all over the World. By building out this global search network we help optimize revenue while providing the best experience for the user native to their country.

Anti-Virus And Security Relationships

Staying Ahead of the Bad Guys Isn’t Easy

Spigot maintains close working relationships with several of the top anti-virus and security companies in the World. With these relationships, we’re not only able to keep up with industry best practices but also predict where the industry is headed, helping us stay ahead of the curve. It also guarantees that we’re meeting the expectations and needs of our users. Spigot’s products are Truste and McAfee certified.

Managing the Partnership Cube

Staying in touch with Browsers and Operating System’s across countries

The combinations of Browsers, Operating Systems, and geographies are vast but Spigot’s job is to stay on top of this wide array.

New versions of the most popular browsers are being released every few weeks. ┬áSpigot’s solutions are compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. These relationships guarantee that no matter which browser your audience prefers, we have a solution that will work for them and you alike.

Gone are the days where Operating Systems vary but once every couple of years. Updates come out nearly every day and it’s Spigot’s job to know what’s coming when and ensure your offering works flawlessly for all of your customers.