Why Spigot?

We’ll help cultivate your business

Your Needs, Understood

We are application developers and understand your challenges of building, maintaining, and marketing software applications. Acquiring new customers and monetizing users is not easy, especially with downloadable software. We’re here to help you succeed.

Cost Effective And Efficient Distribution

Spigot’s distribution solutions offer developers an affordable and straightforward means of promoting their software around the globe. As our network grows, so does the value we offer to developers. This enormous and increasing scale enables developers to target the users they want where they want.

New Users Aren’t Enough

Effective monetization is a necessity.

Build On A Solid Foundation

Your Revenue Deserves It

Stable and Predictable Revenue

Spigot’s monetization solutions are designed to produce a steady and foreseeable revenue stream. We don’t simply design to maximize revenue in the first few months, which can lead to higher churn and customer dissatisfaction, we optimize revenue for the long haul.

Here For The Long Haul

Our customized browser extensions serve to increase user engagement and overall customer satisfaction, leading to longer lifetimes. This increase in lifetime value enables us to generate more revenue per user, which we then pass along to our partners in the form of higher payouts.

It’s All About You

We recognize there are many factors that impact developer satisfaction. Some of our competitors use basic off-the-shelf solutions, but we work collaboratively with our partners to understand their needs and to develop customized solutions that work for them. We also pride ourselves on offering competitive payouts, transparency, and responsive communication. With this approach, we’ve grown our business together with our partners over several years and rarely ever lose a partner.

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