Monthly Archives: February 2017


Google Wants an ‘Open Dialogue’ Between Platforms and Publishers When It Comes to Monetization

BARCELONA, SPAIN—The head of Google’s news and publishing partnerships unit says there should be more open dialogue between platforms and publishers in determining access to data and monetization of content.

Speaking today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Madhav Chinnappa, the director of strategic relations of Google’s news and publisher division, said the roles of the largest tech companies are under scrutiny lately, adding that he thinks it’s “quite right.” The comments came during a discussion between tech companies and publishers on how the industries are navigating the ever-evolving landscape of a mobile-first world.  Read more on ADWEEK…

The Secret is Out – Microsoft Windows 10 Update

Microsoft first revealed it was planning two big Windows 10 updates in 2017 back in August, but the company never shared timing details for its second unnamed update. While the Creators Update, which is currently being tested by Windows Insiders, is expected to debut in April, it’s not clear when the second big Windows 10 update will be made available.  Read more on the Verge…