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The Sizzle Truck Comes to Spigot, Inc.

Catered lunches are a big plus at Spigot! We all enjoy a sizzling good meal, right? One of our favorites is the Sizzle Truck! They are a family owned food truck creating gourmet sandwiches and appetizers using only the freshest, local ingredients. Everything is made fresh to order.

Spigot has found the perfect way for the truck to identify if we are a part of the company. Everyone grabs a ticket and heads down to the truck to order their choice for lunch. A sandwich is made to order while you wait. “It’s all about the sizzle!”

Google is fighting with Symantec over encrypting the internet

“Google, which has accused Symantec and its partners of misissuing tens of thousands of certificates for encrypted web connections, quietly announced Thursday that it’s downgrading the level and length of trust Chrome will place in certificates issued by Symantec”. Read the full story here…

Learn How to Make Your Storyline Trend on LinkedIn

“The company is debuting a new feature called Trending Storylines — personalised news clusters based around topics of the moment, composed of content from outside LinkedIn’s walled garden coupled with related writing published on LinkedIn itself. Trending Storylines — which you access by way of the “Trending” tab on mobile, or a via a tab on the top right hand side of the desktop site — will launch in the U.S. in English-only at first, with an initial focus on stories in technology, finance and healthcare.”  Read more here…

Oh Brother… Who heard me?

Whether it’s Siri, Echo, Alexa or your Smart TV… it sounds like ‘Big Brother’ is always watching/listening/recording.  We all jokingly ask our smart devices silly questions.  Take Spigot, Inc’s advice and think twice!  You never know what is going on next door or down the street or a location you’ve visited recently.   Read more on TechCrunch and learn why…

Apple Browsing History Update from Spigot Inc

We were pleased at Spigot, Inc to read about this update and think you will be as well.

A few weeks ago, if you read about “Elcomsoft chief Vladimir Katalov telling FORBES that Apple is storing Safari histories in the iCloud going back more than a year, possibly much longer, even where the user has asked for them to be wiped from memory” well… things have changed.

“UPDATE Shortly after publication, FORBES was contacted by Katalov and another source, who claimed that their old records were disappearing. It appears, they said, that Apple is purging. There was no update from Apple, however.”


Microsoft is Listening – Spigot, Inc has Good News to Share

Previously with Windows 10, you were forced to update your computer after a few snoozes, even if you were in the middle of your work day.  What a pain!

“Starting this spring, CNET understands that there will be no limit on the number of times you can delay a Windows Update. Each time you hit the Snooze button, you’ll be able to push it out three more days, until 35 days have passed.  Even after that, you’ll still be able to press a new “Remind Me Tomorrow” button to push it out again and again, one day at a time”.  Read the full article…

Security Threats for 2017 – Spigot, Inc Wants You To Be Aware

Whether it was a billion compromised Yahoo accounts or state-sponsored Russian hackers muscling in on the US election, this past year saw hacks of unprecedented scale and temerity. And if history is any guide, next year should yield more of the same.

It’s hard to know for certain what lies ahead, but some themes began to present themselves toward the end of 2016 that will almost certainly continue well into next year. And the more we can anticipate them, the better we can prepare. Here’s what we think 2017 will hold.  Continue reading from Wired…