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Spigot Inc Wants to Help Keep Your Computer Safe from a Virus or Malware

We want to ensure that all of our clients at Spigot Inc know how to remove a virus or malware from their computer, even if your computer won’t work.  If you aren’t aware of how to remove a virus, or how to identify if your computer is really infected by a virus or malware, Spigot Inc feels this article from LifeWire by Mary Landesman will help you through the process.

How to Remove a Virus When Your Computer Won’t Work

Trying to remove a computer virus or other malware infection can become a battle of wills between you and the attacker. Anti virus software can be a powerful ally, removing most of today’s malware with ease. But occasionally, a really stubborn infector may put you at the forefront of the battle. Here’s how to help you win.  Read full article here…


Spigot Inc – Digital Advertising climbed to $72.5 billion in 2016

Marketers spent $72.5 billion on digital advertising last year, an increase of 22 percent from 2015, as Google and Facebook once again booked the lion’s share of new revenue, a report released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau said on Wednesday.

The Internet Advertising Revenue Report underscored a migration by consumers away from traditional forms of media like television to online and mobile platforms, which has left digital companies competing for a larger share of advertising dollars. Read full article here…


Spigot Inc – Windows and Facebook flagged as a virus or malware?

At Spigot, virus and malware protection is something we recommend to all of our clients.  If you’ve ever thought that all virus protection programs are created equal, ask someone who just got Windows removed as malware and/or Facebook flagged as a phishing site by Webroot security and anti virus. No one at Spigot Inc has Webroot virus protection installed on their computers, so we escaped the craziness.

If you didn’t catch the article, you can read the entire story about how Windows was  accused of being malware, falsely detected by the Webroot Anti Virus program. As we stated before, not all virus protection programs are the same.

Check the Spigot Virus and Malware Protection Center for Spigot Inc’s recommendations for the best anti virus and anti malware programs. If you feel you have a virus on your computer, be sure to use a well known anti virus and malware protection software to scan your system and assist with removal of any virus or malware.

Spigot Inc Asks Would You Buy Ads on Snapchat?

We were having a conversation around mobile at Spigot Inc in our Fort Myers office and Snapchat was a topic.  Would you buy ads on Snapchat?

Snapchat wants brands to buy a lot of geofilters that layer fun text and graphics over users’ photos and videos. On Monday, the app opened up its API (application programming interface) a bit more, letting brands buy the location-based promos automatically. Read full article here…

DMEXCO is Growing – Spigot Inc Will be There

Spigot Inc has attended DMEXCO in the past years and is excited to be attending again this year… to a now even bigger conference. Cologne, Germany is becoming a hot spot for technology conferences and we are sending teams from our Fort Myers offices. Will you attend?

Can Cologne, Germany become the next hot spot for technology conferences? Dmexco has been on marketers’ radar for a few years now, and this year, organizers are hoping it will become one of their go-to conferences alongside South by Southwest and CES. Read full article here…

Are YOU a Media Buyer? Spigot Inc. Wants YOU!

Spigot Inc is still hiring rapidly. Get in touch via our Spigot Inc Careers Page if you or someone you know are interested in working in an exciting fun filled environment.

Spigot Inc specializes in developing, monetizing, and promoting free applications to millions of users every month through all major app platforms: mobile, tablet, social, desktop, and browser. This team is comprised of Software Engineers, Business Development Executives, Media Buyers, Partner Development Managers, and Business Intelligence Analysts. The Apps team is made up of extremely enthusiastic and intelligent professionals who are passionate about the work they do and the people that they work with. Based out of Nevada and growing rapidly in our new southwest Florida office in Ft. Myers (nicknamed the Paradise Coast), the sunny days, warm weather and no dress code make for a fun-filled work environment! The fast paced, start-up mentality has been a key contributor to the Apps channel continued growth and success.

Position Overview

The SEM Specialist’s main goal is to grow app installs through keyword-based advertising on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and/or other networks as necessary. Primary duties include:

  1. Campaign Management: Develop, deploy, and optimize search campaigns which drive traffic to our proprietary application portals.
  2. Research & Analysis: Conduct market/competitor research to be leveraged in the execution of campaigns; Analyze conversion data, identify trends, and optimize campaigns to meet agreed upon CPA targets and ROI goals.
  3. Testing: Aggressively A/B test ad copy to maximize CTR.
  4. Business Development: Independently identify and present new campaign opportunities to appropriate stakeholders.

Candidate Overview

The successful candidate will be an inspiring and confident leader with at least:

    • 3-5 years digital media buying experience
    • Expert-level understanding of Google AdWords
    • Strong knowledge of Bing Ads preferred
    • Experience managing high budget and high volume campaigns
    • Basic familiarity with Excel
    • Basic HTML knowledge is a plus

The successful candidate will also demonstrate the following abilities:

    • Communication (written & oral): Must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to establish, develop, and maintain business relationships. Must also have excellent presentation and negotiation skills.
    • Proven Track Record: Have a successful work history of meeting deadlines and commitments.
    • Adaptability: Capable of adjusting to quickly shifting priorities.
    • Resourceful: Looks for ways to achieve goals utilizing available resources.
    • Industry Knowledge: Have a solid understanding of how online display and search advertising works.
    • Team Player: Demonstrates a strong ability to support department staff members and managers, and establish collaborative relationships with peers.
    • Desire to Win: Willingness to go above and beyond specific requirements and desire to exceed expectations.

Measurements of Success

 There are several key measurements of success this employee will use to benchmark performance including:

    • Grow user base below the target cost per acquisition
    • Increase book of business through new opportunities and campaigns.

Spigot Inc. Learns Instagram Stories Surpasses Snapchat

Are you a Snapchat or Instagram Stories user?  Spigot Inc wants to know! Why would you choose Instagram Stories over Snapchat? Does having the ability to use one app to share pictures that remain in your feed as well as a story that last 24 hours more convenient? We asked some of our social media users at the Spigot Inc office in Fort Myers and found that usage was split between the two hot mobile apps, but this story (pun intended) tells all…


The Happiest, Healthiest Cities Surround Spigot, Inc. Offices in Florida

The Fort Myers, Florida Spigot, Inc. office is surrounded by beaches, palm trees, outdoor shopping and beauty all around. If that isn’t enough, Naples (30 miles away) has been named the happiest and healthiest city in the US. We have many commuters that travel to work at Spigot, Inc from Naples. Fort Myers is ranked in the top 40 along with Sarasota being in the top 10.  Check out our career page and see if we have something for you.  Read more below from Time.

Living near the beach doesn’t guarantee your happiness — but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

From Naples, Fla. to Honolulu, Hawaii, many of the U.S. cities that scored well on Gallup-Healthways’ newly released Community Well-Being Index are located on the ocean. Researchers analyzed 350,000 interviews conducted in 2015 and 2016 to rank 189 communities by physical, emotional, financial, community and social health. Naples came in first for the second year in a row, followed closely by other metro areas near the ocean, like Barnstable, Mass. and Santa Cruz, Calif.  Full article here…

India Palace Fort Myers Comes to Spigot, Inc.

India Palace is always a crowd-pleaser at Spigot, Inc. With choices like chicken curry, lamb vindaloo, vegetable curry and many others; you’re sure to find a dish that will tantalize your taste buds.

Being the only Indian restaurant in Fort Myers, we are thrilled that the food is delicious.  India Palace has been around since 2000 perfecting their dishes. We are lucky here at Spigot, Inc. to have them cater our lunch often.