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Spigot Inc Shares the Breakdown of Meeker Internet Trends from TechCrunch

Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trend report is super extensive. If you haven’t had the opportunity to review the deck, Spigot Inc has captured some of the top takeaways from TechCrunch. You can find the full deck and article here…

  • Smartphone sales and Internet penetration growth are both slowing
  • It’s not really a “shift to mobile” as much as “the addition of mobile”, since desktop usage hasn’t declined much while mobile usage has skyrocketed to over three hours per day per person in the US
  • There’s still more time spent on mobile than ad spend, indicating forthcoming windfalls for mobile ad platforms
  • Google and Facebook control 85% of online ad growth
  • Internet ad spend will surpass TV spend within six months
  • Streaming music led by Spotify surpassed physical music sales, giving recorded music its first revenue growth in 16 years
  • eSports are exploding,  with viewing time up 40% year over year, and an equal number of millennials strongly preferring eSports vs traditional sports
  • Email spam with malicious attachments is exploding as cloud usage increases, so be careful what you click
  • Tech companies drive wealth creation in China, where people pay for livestreaming, and bike sharing usage is skyrocketing
  • Falling data costs are driving increasing Internet adoption in India, but smartphone prices remain too high
  • 60% of the most-highly valued tech companies in America were founded by first or second generation Americans while 50% of the top private startups were founded by first-gen immigrants

Spigot Inc Wants to Know if Shopping in a Store is so Yesterday?

We have the world at our fingertips thanks to the internet. Amazon, which I would assume (because I only shop on the internet) most do not know, have storefronts. It appears that being in a store hasn’t lost it’s appeal. Although the digital success of Amazon has built their empire, the storefronts are still making headway. Spigot Inc wants to know your thoughts. Read more below.

“A few hours after vacationer Sariah Lutkin landed in New York City on Wednesday from Cologne, Germany, she saw a sign about the new Amazon store in Gotham’s Columbus Circle area. There’s no such storefront for the ecommerce giant in Europe, so Lutkin, an customer, decided to check out the mall-based location that opened on Thursday.

Lutkin, who is moving to Munich in a couple of months, said that if Amazon opened a store in the Bavarian capital, she would “regularly” patronize it.”  Read the full story here…

It’s Not Just Websites Anymore – Spigot Inc Shares the New Fast Approach for Mobile from Google

A couple of years ago, Google launched a program called Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, to speed up the mobile web. Now, it wants to do the same with two of its most lucrative sources of revenue: search and display advertising.

During the company’s Google Marketing Next event today in San Francisco, Google announced a beta test for AdWords advertisers that plugs the fast-loading pages into search ads. Instead of directing traffic to an advertiser’s site, Google is experimenting with an option that directs users to AMP pages. Johnson & Johnson, eBay and Toll Brothers have experimented with AMP landing pages for organic search results. Read full article..

Who Remembers the World Before Digital, Not Spigot Inc!

We have a few at Spigot Inc that remember life before the internet. The days of going to the library checking out the Dewey Decimal System to find information and pulling out the encyclopedia are long gone… today, kids and teens have no idea what it is like to be without the internet.

“Generation Z, the kids and teens born between roughly 1996 and 2010, is gaining power as a consumer segment. And unlike millennials, most of whom witnessed the start of the internet revolution, Gen Z has grown up in an entirely digital world, giving them a totally new outlook that marketers are now racing to understand.”  Read entire article here…



Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Spigot Inc!

After a great work week at Spigot Inc, it’s time to relax and mingle with colleagues. Not only is it Friday, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Spigot Inc is going to celebrate with fresh made 7 layer dip, chips, salsa and a Cerveza or Margarita.

If we are lucky, maybe our General Manager will pull out the guitar, gather some other colleagues and serenade us! Mmmmmm… I’m guessing no, but he is a great musician and keeps a guitar at the Spigot Inc office.

It’s 5’oclock somewhere, sure is, at Spigot Inc Fort Myers! Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Check out what else is happening at Spigot Inc on our blog.

May the Fourth Be With You – Epic Star Wars Cosplay Face Off at Spigot Inc

As most of you know, today is Star Wars Day. We have some big Star Wars enthusiasts here at Spigot Inc. So much that in honor of #StarWarsDay, two of our colleagues, Jaina Solo (Nicole Wilcox) and Darth Maul (Genel Jumalon) came in costume to honor their favorite characters. It was a full on Duel of the Fates here at Spigot Inc, where Jaina Solo battles Darth Maul in an epic cosplay face off. Watch the video to see who wins! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. May the Fourth be With You!

Pardon my video skills… however, it is WORTH the watch.

Spigot Inc Attends the Largest Career Fair in Southwest Florida at FGCU’s Alico Arena

Southwest Florida has not had a career fair this large in quite some time. Today, May 3rd, our Spigot Inc team is representing at Alico Arena, also known as “Dunk City” just a few miles from our Fort Myers office. We know first hand that Florida Gulf Coast University has awesome talent as many of our employees are graduates. What a great opportunity for Spigot Inc to mingle with some of the current students who are interested in summer jobs, internships as well as kick-starting their career with a fast growing leading digital marketing and technology company.

Spigot Inc is one of the 70 employers attending. We want the community to know that we are right around the corner from Florida Gulf Coast University, across from the Gulf Coast Town Center and conveniently located for Fort Myers residents as well as Naples residents. We are growing rapidly. Not only do we have internships available at Spigot Inc, we are also actively hiring for entry level positions as well as senior positions.

Come out and meet Spigot Inc at the Southwest Florida Career Fair at FGCU’s Alico Arena. We will be there until 3pm!

Spigot Inc is one of the world’s leading digital performance-based marketing companies, dedicated to providing superior results for our advertisers and media partners.  Spigot Inc accomplishes this by combining best-in-class expertise in media optimization and targeting with our in-house analytics and big-data technology.

Spigot Inc Fort Myers Takes on the Spartan Race in Miami

On April 30th, a team of guys from our Spigot Inc office in Fort Myers dared to take on the Spartan Race. The race was held at Amelia Earhart Park, which is a 515-acre urban park in Miami-Dade County about two hours Southeast of our Spigot Inc Fort Myers office.

Everyone at Spigot Inc is certainly proud of these guys! Congrats on a great race. They placed 11th out of a total of 111 teams. What a strong finish! Work hard, play harder.

Spartan Race is the leading global obstacle racing series! The type of people that compete in a Spartan race are people looking to live life to the fullest. Anyone who wants to take their life to the next level can race, and see if they have what it takes to become a Spartan!” This team of guys from Spigot Inc certainly live life to the fullest.

The Spigot Inc Spartan racers overtook the park (pictured below) that is typically home to mountain bikers, paddle boarders, soccer players and wake boarders just to name a few. This race wasn’t a ride in the park, but the Spigot Inc team sure made it seem as if it was. Congrats again guys!

Team Foos: Ryan Drozdowski, Genel Jumalon, Satish Mahesula, James Murphy, Jesse Stauffer, Bill Tracy

#SpartanRaceMiami #SpigotInc #AmeliaEarhartPark #Miami #SpartanSprint

When Shopping, Spigot Inc Wants to Know if you Search Amazon or Google?

Although Google is the search engine giant, Spigot Inc is curious when shopping, do you search on Amazon or Google first? Typically when shopping, I tend to go straight to Amazon. Are you doing the same, or is Google still your “go to” for all things search? Let us know via our Spigot, Inc social channels Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

“While Google knows what people are searching for and Facebook knows what people are interested in and who they are connected to, Amazon knows the specific products that customers are purchasing and how frequently they are purchasing these products.” Read full article here…