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Visitors of Another Kind at Spigot Inc

It was an interesting day at Spigot Inc Fort Myers. We had a baby bird, most likely on its first flight, land on the small ledge of the window. He didn’t move when we approached. He wasn’t the least bit scared of us. Most of us at Spigot Inc think he was afraid to fly again. One of our colleagues son was here and he decided to name him Jarrod. Well Jarrod didn’t want to leave us. The little bird lingered around on the ledge for hours.

Later that afternoon, Peter rabbit showed up. Everyone wants to be a part of Spigot Inc! Come join us. Visit our career page and see if you are a fit!

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BugerQue Food Truck Comes to Spigot Inc

“Normally our catered lunches just come in boxes. Today an entire truck of food, challenge accepted!” is how Sean Henry (@seanslunch on IG) feels about the BurgerQue Food Truck. Spigot Inc invited the food truck back to our Fort Myers office and burgers were had by all.

BurgerQue has two locations in Fort Myers and one in “Gator Country”, but the truck pulls right up to the front door of Spigot Inc. Talk about convenience! The weather was perfect and Spigot Inc employees had fun while waiting for their delicious burger.

Looking to grow with a great company? Keep checking the career page to find out the latest openings and see if you are a fit for Spigot Inc.

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Exchange Program: Spigot Inc Romania Visits Spigot Inc Fort Myers

Spigot Inc has offices across the world. One of the coolest employee perks is that the company has started an “exchange program”! A couple of the Spigot Inc Romanian team came to visit our Fort Myers Spigot Inc office not to0 long ago. It’s awesome to have the opportunity to travel as well as visit the culture of the other offices. We all work together on a daily basis from across the map via video, chat or phone. Now with this program, Spigot Inc brings us together for a few days to get to know each other personally!

On this visit, we had the opportunity to take the Spigot Inc Romania team on a trip to our neighboring city Naples. The weather was amazing, so we popped the top not only of the car, but also a drink at Gumbo Limbo located at The Ritz Carlton Naples to enjoy the sunset. After the sun drifted into the gulf, we had a nice dinner on 5th Ave South in Downtown Naples at Hob Knob Kitchen & Bar. The food was delicious and a great time was had by all of us at Spigot Inc.

If this sounds like a company you’d be interested in joining, check our Spigot Inc career site for current openings. We are always on the search for great talent.

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Spigot Inc Asks: Would You Take a Self-flying Taxi? ‘The Jetsons’ Come to Dubai

Meet George Jetson… his boy Elroy… Spigot Inc is pretty sure that regardless of your age, you’ve heard of ‘The Jetsons’! Although the new self-flying taxi that looks like it came straight out of the cartoon, in Dubai, George Jetson won’t be your taxi driver. Later this year, Dubai plans to release a taxi that flies itself. Would you try this autonomous passenger drone? Quite a few of us at Spigot Inc would consider the service.

Read the full article on Mashable…

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Spigot Inc Visits Dracula’s Castle & Coliba Haiducilor

Bran Castle, popularly known as Dracula’s Castle, had a visit from our Spigot Inc Romania team as well as a few team members who were in town from our Fort Myers office. Spigot Inc takes pride in rewarding the team with expeditions that are not only fun, but an opportunity to build relationships with colleagues outside of the office. We hope you aren’t disappointed to learn that the castle was not really Dracula’s, but a myth.

While in the area, Spigot Inc enjoyed a delicious meal at Coliba Haiducilor. Not only were the views amazing, they found the food to be some of the best in Romania!

Come join our team and enjoy our next trip! Keep checking the career page to find out the latest openings and see if you are a fit.


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FGCU Career Development Services Visited Spigot Inc!

A few weeks ago, Spigot Inc attended the career fair held by Florida Gulf Coast University. The team had the opportunity to speak with many prospects who are interested in internships and starting a career with Spigot Inc.

We also had the opportunity to host a team from FGCU’s Career Development Services at the Spigot Inc Fort Myers offices to educate them further on who we are as well as give them a tour of our cool work environment.

FGCU’s Assistant Director, Rose Fuller said, “Thank you so much for your time and teaching us about your company, your needs, and your culture.  I have a much better understanding of who you are so when I am speaking with students or alumni I can direct the “good fit” ones your way”.

We are excited about the possibilities of having additional FGCU students joining our team in the future as we have some amazing colleagues currently working with us and know what an awesome addition they are to our team. Be sure to check out our current openings on our career site.

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Traveling Around the World Spigot Inc Style in Epcot

Epcot has experiences from around the world, and Spigot Inc took the journey! Our Kansas City office and other colleagues joined us in Florida for the expedition. Here at Spigot Inc, we have such a huge cultural spread of employees, which makes everyday such an interesting and unique experience. Learning something new from one of our coworkers is a typical situation at Spigot Inc. The team toured each country of Epcot, one by one, taking in each culture with tastings of food as well as their favorite choice to sip on. Although everyone wasn’t available for the picture, you can see, it’s a fun crowd!

If you would like to take the next “trip around the world” or our next company expedition at Spigot Inc, don’t forget to check out our current openings on our career site.

A little more details from the wiki: “Epcot spans over 300 acres (120 ha), more than twice the size of the Magic Kingdom park,[3] Epcot is dedicated to the celebration of human achievement, namely technological innovation and international culture, and is often referred to as a “permanent World’s Fair“.[4][5] The park is divided into two sections: Future World, made up eight pavilions, and World Showcase, themed to 11 world nations.”

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Spigot Inc Had Another Sizzlin’ Good Lunch in Fort Myers

First of all, if you live in the Southwest Florida area and you haven’t experienced the Sizzle Truck, you are missing out on an sizzlin’ good meal. At Spigot Inc, we have catered lunches as one of our many company perks. If you would like to get in on the action, continue to check our career page to see if there is a sizzlin’ good fit.

Today, the Sizzle Truck came back to visit us at Spigot Inc Fort Myers and the special of the day was one of the biggest hits. It was a braised short rib stack. Check out the details below. Who doesn’t like braised short ribs?


The Sizzle Truck is a family owned food truck creating gourmet sandwiches and appetizers using only the freshest, local ingredients. Everything is made fresh to order.

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Amazon is Moving On Up – Spigot Inc Shares the Top BrandZ’s List

Google, Microsoft and Apple are certainly hard brands to beat. It’s not a shock to see Amazon movin’ on up the list. We were a little surprised at Spigot Inc to see Amazon rise above Facebook, but predictions suggest that Amazon grew 41% since last year and has received “prime” property and in the Top 5! Read the full article here…