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Get All the Bugs Out! Instagram Got Hacked…

Instagram isn’t saying much, but Spigot Inc will spill the beans… or should I say bugs. Although we do not know much more than what is reported from Mashable, and some tweets by high profile Insta accounts… if you’re reading this and are getting random calls or emails, Spigot Inc thinks you might be more famous than you thought!

Instagram reports, “We recently discovered that one or more individuals obtained unlawful access to a number of high-profile Instagram users’ contact information — specifically email address and phone number — by exploiting a bug in an Instagram API,” an Instagram spokesperson told Mashable via email. “No account passwords were exposed. We fixed the bug swiftly and are running a thorough investigation.”

All 700 million of you Instagram users… be careful!

Shorter Ads Taking Over Digital? Spigot Inc Shares the News

Pandora has recently tested video ad length and Spigot Inc wants to share their findings.

“While shorter ads have been all the rage on digital platforms recently, that narrative appears to be a little more nuanced with Pandora.

In recent weeks, the music streaming service has been testing audio ad format length, comparing 30-second recipients to listeners who heard 10-second ads. Both groups received ads from the same advertiser, looking to convey a similar message. Initial results have shown that the 30-second audio ads spiked recall by 25 percent, while the 10-second format lifted recall by 12 percent. At the same time, the 25-to-35-year-old demo saw a bump in ad recall of 13.3 percent for 10-second audio ads. In one test, the company said that 10-second audio ads drove 13.5 percent more time spent (82 seconds on average) on an advertiser’s landing page compared to 30-second ads”.

Read full article here..

Spigot Inc Went Loco for El Local Food Truck

We had a Mexican Fiesta at Spigot Inc when El Local Food Truck came to our Fort Myers office. Everyone went loco over their tacos. All of the food is made fresh to order and will spice up your life.

El Local is based out of Maria’s Restaurant in Bonita Springs and offers $1 tacos in honor of Taco Tuesday. Swing by and have an ice cold beer with Jose at the bar and enjoy… you’ll thank us all at Spigot Inc!

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Little Pete’s Food Truck Brings Spigot Inc A Bite of Brooklyn

We had a real treat straight from Brooklyn when Little Pete’s Food Truck came to Spigot Inc. Little Pete’s was the first Italian food truck in Naples and travel all over SWFL.

“Chef Peter’s great-grandmother founded the original Pete’s in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard District back in 1894, and now he’s keeping those traditions and flavors alive as he tours through town and cooks up the best Italian food around.

Little Pete’s menu packs big flavor with their selection of Parmesan-style Chicken, Eggplant, Sausage, and more. You can also find a fine assortment of savory sides, like the Meatballs or Sweet Potato Basil Fries”.

A crowd favorite at Spigot Inc was the Roast Pork Sandwich served with a side of garlic chips. We will certainly have Little Pete’s back at Spigot Inc.

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Press Play Everyday at Spigot Inc

Here at Spigot Inc, every day is always exciting. When we walk through the door, it’s time to Press Play! Time flies when you’re having fun, working hard and building success. All of us at Spigot Inc need to refuel, rejuvenate so we can continue rocking on! One of our amazing office roommates decided to freshen up our snack choices in the Cafe. Who would’ve thought that Pringles, Twinkies, Ho Ho’s and Slim Jim’s were hidden treasures amongst the team. Cold Brew Coffee, Craft Beer and Curious Nibblies – all of these additions are a big hit. There are also a variety of delicious fruits for the more health conscious as well as Greek yogurt and orange juice. The presentation is also super creative and enticing! What a nice addition to our already amazing snack choices. Thanks for bringing something new and sharing with the Spigot Inc crew.

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Apple Can Guide You!

Apple could guide you around your city using augmented reality! We think this is pretty cool at Spigot Inc.

“ARKit is one of the biggest changes in iOS 11. Under the hood, Apple is about to transform the iPhone into a very capable augmented reality device. Felix Lapalme‏ has been looking at assets in the Maps app package to find out if the company is going to leverage augmented reality for turn-by-turn directions”.

Continue reading on TechCrunch.


Oh Snap! Congrats from Spigot Inc

Wow! 173 million active users made Snap $181 million in second quarter 2017. It’s interesting that revenue was lower and user growth slowed. We have so many users of Snap at Spigot Inc that we are surprised to hear of the decay in use.

“During the second quarter of 2017, Snap made $181.7 million from 173 million daily active users, up from $149.6 million from the previous quarter. Second-quarter revenue missed a Thomson Reuters estimate of $186.2 million but was up 153 percent year-over-year before Snapchat’s API began rolling out in earnest.”

Read the full article on adweek.

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Spigot Inc Pops Out a Surprise Party for the Team

Imagine… all of a sudden, in the middle of the day, the music starts blaring out of no where in the office. We weren’t sure what was going on, but we were all excited to find out. However, I do not think any of us at Spigot Inc Fort Myers were prepared for what was to come. What would you do if you were walking to the other side of the building and find a jump house with a velcro wall attempting to be blown up by Let’s Bounce in the office? Jump of course! We had to wait as measurements weren’t correct so we had to find another solution. With the Spigot Inc crew, that didn’t take long. We moved the bounce house outside and the fun began.

Spigot Inc wanted to ensure that everyone was having fun and didn’t have to tend bar, so we brought over a few bartenders to assist with drink service. They were pulled in from our neighboring restaurant, Twin Peaks and were happy to join in the fun. I’m quite sure the girls weren’t expecting this kind of party… on a Tuesday!


The surprises kept rolling in at Spigot Inc. This crew loves karaoke and the next thing you know we had Jimmy Mac’s Juke Box setting up for an afternoon of rap, great voices and of course, true karaoke style… not so great voices! The office lights were dimmed and we turned the Spigot Inc office into a full on disco tech. There was tons of dancing, singing and a whole lot of rapping! Thanks Jimmy Mac for making this happen at the last minute.

While all of us at Spigot Inc were jumping around to each activity, in walked Picachu! He stayed with us at the office for some fun pictures as well as danced with the team. We were certainly thankful that Event Planning – Florida Events was able to bring Picachu to life for us on such a short notice!

The afternoon ended with a champagne toast to an awesome team. You never know what to expect at Spigot Inc! Come join the fun.

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