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Happy Thanksgiving from Spigot, Inc.!

loves nothing more than employee happiness and what better way to show how Thankful we are for everyone than a Spigot Friendsgiving! Spigot, Inc. had THE most successful potluck this year! Almost every single employee participated and it was literally the best Thanksgiving food we’ve all ever had (Sorry mom!). Not only was the food amazing (We EVEN had a fondue fountain, just saying.), so was the commrodore. Nearly every Spigot, Inc. employee contributed a dish, we brought in extra tables and all sat together AND of course we hung for the rest of the day playing games and even going out after! 

If you’re looking for a place that promotes employee happiness and commodore, you’ve found the right place!

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Perks for Parents at Spigot, Inc. Too!

If you follow our blog – you know that Spigot, Inc. has a ton of benefits and perks! Flexibility is a perk and it turns out that works out well for parents too! Due to our unlimited vacation days and ability to come in and leave at reasonable times (without having to punch a time clock) – parents are easily able to pop into their kids schools for lunch/events and then come back to work. On top of that we cover 100% of the employee AND their family’s healthcare and provide short-term disability for maternity leave!

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Spigot, Inc.’s Ben Tucker Inspires Entrepreneurial Students at FGCU Campus

A few weeks ago one of  FGCU’s  Entrepreneurial class came for a tour of Spigot, Inc. and got the opportunity to listen to Ben Tucker, Elina Terenteyva and Shayna Paolucci speak about our company culture, the reasons we’re successful as a company (and individuals) and what it took for us to get here. The students and professor loved it so much that they asked Ben to come to one of the Senior Level classes and speak to students graduating about Spigot, Inc. and advice on how to have a successful future.

He spoke a lot about the “Spigot, Inc. Mentality” and just having the right mentality in general. He talked about the way he thinks about things as a manager, and how it’s not about age or experience – but who’s best for the job. He honed in on not settling or punching a time clock everyday to just have a job.  He explained how the generation we are in; employers like young leaders and that we’re in a generation that doesn’t discriminate. He told the students that he likes when his employees are better than him and he can learn from them, because it makes him a better leader.  Ben stressed that even when people doubt you (which many doubted him) to still follow your gut, because you know what’s best for yourself when others around you don’t always. He told them if you are passionate about something, listen to what people have to say – but trusting yourself is a huge key to success. He spoke about finding a company that will invest in your leadership growth and as you go through your career, finding a company that invests in you and helps you grow.

He opened up about his failures that led to his success and spoke about how failure is okay and part of growing. He explained to them that even most of the leaders in our company have lost large amounts of money for the company taking risks and it’s okay. When mistakes happen, we take our people aside and we say “let’s think about what we can do better next time.”

Overall our visit to FGCU was extremely successful. Ben stressed to the students that our company IS epic, but he isn’t trying to sell the company – he is trying to sell the dream of “don’t sell yourself short.”

Spigot, Inc. loves their relationship with FGCU and the opportunity they give our leaders to inspire their students.  1/4 of our employees graduated from there and we will continue to hire! If you want to be a part of an awesome company with an great mindset, we would love to speak with you!

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Mobile Engineers Needed!

If you love all things mobile – and particularly Android, Spigot, Inc. is looking for you! We are currently hiring for Mobile Engineers to work on our mobile platform!

Spigot, Inc. is a great way to launch your digital career – we have a ton of opportunity for growth. and a super fun environment.  Spigot, Inc. also provides free lunches, unlimited snacks and free beer if you need to relax at the end of the day. Spigot, Inc is ready to change the way you work! We have amazing healthcare and 401K plans to keep you healthy and prepare for your future.


The person is an experienced Senior Android Developer that will create, maintain and scale out both new and existing high-volume mobile applications. Specific duties include:

  • Developing, analyzing, troubleshooting high volume mobile systems with Java and Android SDK
  • Building, maintaining and optimizing the platforms for high volume web systems
  • Software Development, coding applications using Java, Python, C#, or Javascript
  • Architect and develop new products and enhance current product features based on market changes and opportunities
  • Refactor, update, and revitalize codebases as advances in technology allow for more capabilities.
  • Troubleshoot and fix system failures and system performance, especially as systems scale



The successful candidate will be an inspiring and confident leader with at least:

  • 5+ years in Java and Android SDK Development
  • Experience working with launchers or other system level applications
  • Excellent UI Architecture design ability with experience building
  • libraries of reusable UI elements
  • Experience working on collaborative engineering teams
  • Excellent communication and time management skills
  • Independent Decision Making: Ability to work autonomously with little supervision and a high attention to detail and quality. Uses analysis, consistent rationality and objectivity when making decisions. Anticipates consequences of judgments.
  • Adaptable: The ability to find solutions and deliver results within a rapid fast changing, entrepreneurial, technology-driven culture. Willing and able to learn multiple, diverse technologies rather than leaning on a single ‘favorite’.
  • Results Oriented: Motivated and able to juggle the dueling needs of a ‘best’ and ‘fastest’ solution. Not interested in the academic process of coding so much as the bottom line impact.
  • Communication (written & oral): Must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to establish, develop and maintain business relationships, as well as the ability to work collaboratively with cross functional teams.

If you think this career opportunity is the right move for you send your resume and cover letter to for review! Again, check out all of our adventures on the Spigot Inc blog.  Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram… like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Spigot Inc lifestyle.