Most people know the stress and pressure of searching and trying to find a new job; sprucing/sending out resumes, cover letters, recommendation letters and doing anything  possible to appeal to a potential new employer. Spigot, Inc. made the whole process of easing into a new position (in a new city) not only less stressful, but actually enjoyable. I have never felt more welcomed by a community of individuals. Not only was I showered with gifts from Spigot, Inc. but I was also showed so much love from the building company Wework. Not only did Spigot, Inc. supply me with my own personal company wide Dell laptop, my gift basket included an awesome Spigot, Inc. branded koozie, water bottle, and a comfortable t-shirt. An endless amount of perks like the coffee bar provided to all Spigot, Inc. employees as well as other business tenets that Corrigan Station houses, a beautiful rooftop view of the Kansas City sky line, beautifully decorated rooms and paintings that make you feel at home in the work environment. In my past experience, majority of people cannot wait for 5 o’clock to roll around so they can leave, but here at Spigot, Inc. it is just the opposite. It really has become a home away from home and you really get that feeling from the amazing atmosphere and people.

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