They come with you to bed, on long walks, to restaurant… why shouldn’t mans best friend come to work with you as well?! Well, at Spigot, Inc. this is just the case. As tenants of the Corrigan Station WeWork building, perks are seriously abundant. One of the best perks of working in this building is that they are 100% dog friendly! They even offer dog treats in the main lobby! All that’s needed to bring your furry friend to work is to fill out some easy paper work indicating your four-legged friend is up-to-date on shots and you’re good to go! It’s not recommended to bring your dog to work everyday (obviously) but it’s great to have that option in case you don’t have a dog-walker that day or if you just want to spread a little cheer to everyone around you (because who doesn’t LOVE DOGS?!) It’s a great conversation starter and is the best way to make people smile while they’re at work.

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