Apple Can Guide You!

Apple could guide you around your city using augmented reality! We think this is pretty cool at Spigot Inc.

“ARKit is one of the biggest changes in iOS 11. Under the hood, Apple is about to transform the iPhone into a very capable augmented reality device. Felix Lapalme‏ has been looking at assets in the Maps app package to find out if the company is going to leverage augmented reality for turn-by-turn directions”.

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Spigot Inc Asks Would You Buy Ads on Snapchat?

We were having a conversation around mobile at Spigot Inc in our Fort Myers office and Snapchat was a topic.  Would you buy ads on Snapchat?

Snapchat wants brands to buy a lot of geofilters that layer fun text and graphics over users’ photos and videos. On Monday, the app opened up its API (application programming interface) a bit more, letting brands buy the location-based promos automatically. Read full article here…

Spigot Inc. Learns Instagram Stories Surpasses Snapchat

Are you a Snapchat or Instagram Stories user?  Spigot Inc wants to know! Why would you choose Instagram Stories over Snapchat? Does having the ability to use one app to share pictures that remain in your feed as well as a story that last 24 hours more convenient? We asked some of our social media users at the Spigot Inc office in Fort Myers and found that usage was split between the two hot mobile apps, but this story (pun intended) tells all…