Scammers Trick iPhone Users into Downloading Expensive Apps

iPhone users surfing the app store generally think that they are safe, but it turns out recently scammers have found a way around Apples “secure” user interface and are tricking customers into downloading free applications that actually have extremely pricey subscriptions. According to an article in Tech Crunch, “They do this by intentionally confusing users with their app’s design and flow, by making promises of “free trials” that convert after only a matter of days, and other misleading tactics.”

According to an article posted in Business Insider, “The No. 69 top-grossing app on the United States App Store was called Scanner App. It used your iPhone’s camera to scan documents, and it worked — but it cost as much $4 per week, or over $200 per year, and wasn’t honest about signing people up for the recurring bill, according to user reviews.”

Apple soon will have a huge influx of unhappy customers on their hands if they don’t make a change and it looks like they may be forced to.

If you want to read more about this, Forbes and Mashable also wrote articles giving iPhone users a heads up to search and download more carefully!

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Spigot, Inc. Takes Over Cyprus

Who ever said business and fun don’t mix? Here at Spigot, Inc., we completely disagree! Some of our very own Spigot, Inc. employees were granted the opportunity to travel to some amazing places and see some amazing sights while working. It’s important for us to keep positive and strong relations with our fellow Spigot, Inc. team members in different countries. This not only allows for strong, positive relationships, it also allows us to really delve and immerse ourselves into different cultures, step outside our comfort zones and try new and exciting things.  This month, one of our very own traveled all the way to Cyprus and got to experience first-hand the breath-taking view of the Mediterranean, try different exotic food and drink, and explored various touristy spots like the beautiful beach of Farmagusta, where guests can take a dip in the Mediterranean or just sit back, relax and enjoy a cocktail. They also went to see the beautiful overlook at Aphrodite’s Rock. Team members also got to explore Bucharest, Romania as well. 

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Finding Datasets Just Got A Whole Lot Easier Thanks To Google

Just last week, Google released a new type of search engine specifically designed around the idea of helping people find data. It’s named “Dataset Search” and essentially it provides easy access to millions of datasets across thousands of data repositories on the web. Dataset Search is currently for everyone to use with easy access. Google stated the benefits this new launch specifically has for journalists and data scientists “To enable easy access to this data, we launched Dataset Search, so that scientists, data journalists, data geeks, or anyone else can find the data required for their work and their stories, or simply to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.” According to Search Engine Journal, this new Google engine search is largely dependent on the scheema markup for dataset providers that was rolled out in July.

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Spigot, Inc. KC Loves First Fridays

The first Friday of every month is one of the best days of the month to a Kansas City resident. Why, you might ask? The first Friday of each month marks a fun filled day in the Crossroads Arts District. We at Spigot, Inc. are so lucky to be located right in the heart of the crossroads among the excitement of First Fridays. The streets close down for a day and the event is best traveled on foot. There is an endless array of food trucks, art galleries, art studios, and a wide variety of local businesses for you to network with. Grinders always hosts live music so look no further if that’s what you’re interested in.  It is truly amazing to see a sea of people walk and talk and enjoy the city we live in and love. There is really something for everyone on First Fridays. It’s a great excuse to get out there and mingle with fellow citizens and for us at Spigot, Inc., it is a great excuse for team bonding and exploring the area we work in together.

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Spigot, Inc. Takes On the Great Wall

A few weeks ago some of our very own Kansas City Spigot, Inc. members had the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China. Yes, yet another amazing perk that comes with working for Spigot, Inc. is getting to travel to amazing places you would have otherwise never gone to. Throughout the week everyone got to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine, go on an amazing Great Wall adventure and mix and mingle with fellow employees. Here at Spigot, Inc. we firmly believe in the cliche saying of “work hard and play harder.” After business meetings, they were taken out to go explore the Chinese nightlife scene and enjoy dinner at the most infamous restaurants in Beijing. For many of our employees it was their first time traveling this far away to China. Everyone agreed they will be back for more.

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BIRDS Of A Feather Flock To Spigot, Inc.

They say birds of a feather flock together, however, in this case those birds are actually scooters. Recently, Kansas City has been one of the newest cities that was added to this awesome new transportation revolution we have been seeing all over America recently and Spigot, Inc. gets to benefit from it!

From easy to rent bikes and scooters,  we are witness to a massive innovative explosion in modern day transportation that is changing the nature of our cities. The company BIRD has a S.O.S. pledge (Save Our Sidewalks), which is essentially the young company’s business model as well as their road map to success. Daily pickups, responsible growth, and revenue sharing are the company’s three main pillars in ensuring success not only within the company walls but also outside in the streets of the cities we love. Two of our very own Spigot, Inc. employees had the chance to rent bird scooters and said they were a blast! A Spigot, Inc. team member shared his experience with me stating “They are a fun, cheap Eco-friendly, way to get around the downtown and crossroads areas in Kansas City and they actually go pretty fast!” These scooters are a great alternative to driving because they cut down on traffic congestion and gas emissions. There’s no doubt that this fresh, fun and innovative young company embodies everything that we at Spigot, Inc. aim for as well.

There is actually a charging station right outside of our Kansas City Spigot, Inc. office building. If you would like to be a part of this awesome work environment and potentially scoot to work everyday then Spigot, Inc. would love to hear from you!  Send your resume to us at and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram… like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Spigot, Inc. lifestyle.

Apple Can Guide You!

Apple could guide you around your city using augmented reality! We think this is pretty cool at Spigot Inc.

“ARKit is one of the biggest changes in iOS 11. Under the hood, Apple is about to transform the iPhone into a very capable augmented reality device. Felix Lapalme‏ has been looking at assets in the Maps app package to find out if the company is going to leverage augmented reality for turn-by-turn directions”.

Continue reading on TechCrunch.


It’s Primeday at Amazon – Spigot Inc Shares Some Pointers

For all of you online shoppers, it’s like Cyber Monday today with Amazon Primeday. We have a lot who shop the internet at Spigot Inc and started surfing around for the deals last night.

Not everyone at Spigot Inc is signed up for Prime. If you haven’t taken advantage of Amazon Prime and fall in that same category, don’t fret, you can still get in on the deals. Sign up for a 30 day trial membership… but here is the key- if you do not remember to turn off the auto renew, you could be a prime member for life.

Like a good scavenger hunt? Look for the hidden badge and get an additional 20% off of the already discounted prices.

A couple of us at Spigot Inc found that not all of the deals are a bargain. Be sure to do your research before you click that Buy Me Now button. Also, double check that the price hasn’t expired before completely checking out. Happy shopping!

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If You Like to Hear Your Own Voice – Spigot Inc Will Tell You How to With Waze!

Some people like to talk to themselves… some people like to hear their own voice! Spigot Inc wants to let you know that now with Waze, not only on Android, but recently released on IOS, users can record their own turn by turn directions. A lot of people do not like to ask for directions. Waze makes it possible so that you feel like you are directing yourself. HAHA! A lot of us at Spigot Inc are big Waze users and think this is a cool new option.

“The Voice Recorder feature guides you through the steps required to create your own custom voice packs, giving you a list of prompts, including time limits, and letting you record your own. This comes after Waze has done a lot to add celebrity voices on the service, letting you be your own kind of famous. If you’re an amateur voiceover artist, this could also just be some handy practice while you’re waiting for your big break”.

Visit TechCrunch for more detailed directions…

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