This week we had a visitor in town (Yes, another one!) from our sister company Eightpoint Technologies so that meant ANOTHER fun team outing! Dave & Busters was the first stop – which was a blast! The team got to enjoy apps and drinks while playing games. Of course everyone at Spigot, Inc. is super competitive so four way air hockey was a popular game. Other favorites were the car & bike racing, the giant 4 player Halo game and basketball Connect Four! The team won llama stuffed animals with all their tickets, and that was a big highlight of the night! 

After a few hours at Dave & Busters everyone went to Ember to enjoy unlimited Korean BBQ for dinner.

Following that the team took our Cayman visitor to 711 for an original slurpee because he has never had one before!

Overall it was a great night and everyone got the opportunity to know each other better outside the workplace and have some fun!

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