The Coke vs. Pepsi debate has been around for decades and today at lunch a few Spigot, Inc. employees got into a debate about which was better and we decided to put it to the test and see who was the winner. We LOVE friendly competition (and fun obviously) so Spigot, Inc. employees set up a “taste test” to see which soft drink would win. At Spigot, Inc. we are provided with free soda – so why not!? Tom and Julius decided to mark the bottom of the cups so they knew which was a Coke product and which was Pepsi, then they had several Spigot, Inc. employees taste the beverages and give them the cup for which they thought was better. Guess which one won? Coke! The verdict was 2 Pepsi lovers and FIVE Coca-Cola lovers. Even the Pepsi lovers were surprised that they picked Coke! Friendly competition and silly games like this are what make our culture so much fun, we are all competitive by nature and it translates really well in our work environment AND our social environment. 

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