Ryan Stephens, President of Spigot Inc spoke to aspiring entrepreneurial students again at Florida Gulf Coast University. This class, led by Reid Lennertz, Director of FGCU Career Development Services was very engaged and inquisitive. Hands raised across the room when Professor Lennertz asked if there were any questions. One student who was so intrigued by the Spigot, Inc story stopped by the office after he completed his day at the college. Ryan sat down with him and other colleagues to learn more about him and his interests. He was also given a tour of the office by our new Executive Recruiter, Shayna Paolucci!

Professor Lennertz invited Ryan back for his future classes and also sent Spigot, Inc and Ryan a nice thank you. “Once again, Ryan Stephens, President of Spigot, Inc was a guest lecturer in our Entrepreneurship course. The students really enjoyed hearing about his experiences of building an innovative company. We are fortunate to have a successful executive in our community who is willing to share his expertise with our students!”

Spigot, Inc stays involved with FGCU Career Development Services, as they are a huge benefit for students who are preparing to launch their career. Ryan has spoken to numerous classes at the college and this certainly will not be the last. Spigot, Inc also participates in career fairs hosted by FGCU, meeting students who are eager to become interns in a fast paced environment where they can learn onsite and possibly grow into a full time position.

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