Facebook has been around for over a decade now and it seems as though everyone and their grandmothers have an active Facebook account. However, it seems this past year, according to Pivot analyst Brian Wieser. Consumption across all of Facebook-owned properties declined 7% year-over-year (YoY) in September, according to his calculations. The data also discovered that Facebook’s overall share of online consumption dropped from 16.5% in September of 2017 to 14.3% of this year. Even with this decline, Facebook’s portfolio is the second-most frequented on the web behind Google at 32.5%. But what could be causing such a steady decline in Facebook use?

The first reason concluded from Pivotal’s analysis is that although the same amount of people are logging in daily, their user time in becoming much shorter and shorter. There seems to be an overall plain boredem with Facebook. Why go to Facebook when you have other more seemingly entertaining apps like Instagram? In its dawn, Facebook was intended for user connectivity, but that has slowly morphed into a media consumption engine littered with click bait. Facebook intended to go back to it’s original roots which means reducing the amount of addicting time-wasters that flood the home page for the sake of user well-being. To get all the latest tech news AND keep up on what we are doing at Spigot, Inc. be sure to follow our blog!

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