Ryan Stephens, President of Spigot Inc was invited to speak with students at Florida Gulf Coast University regarding his many experiences of working in a start-up by Director of Career Development Services, Reid Lennertz. The classroom, located in Lutgert Hall was full of inquisitive, aspiring entrepreneurs. Stephens was pleased with the invitation and stated, “It was great having the opportunity to meet with students at FGCU who have an entrepreneurial mindset. I really enjoyed talking to them and sharing how Spigot Inc implements strategies that they are learning in Professor Lennertz’s class.”

Both Stephens and Lennertz were satisfied with the end result. Lennertz shared with Spigot Inc in a follow up to the speaking engagement, “Thanks to Ryan and Natalie from Spigot Inc for visiting my Introduction to Entrepreneurship class at FGCU. The students really enjoyed hearing about Ryan’s experiences with a start-up venture, as well as how he leads his current company, Spigot Inc. The concepts Ryan shared (lean, pivot, fail fast, etc.) are exactly the same concepts the students are learning in the course. I hope to have them back in my course this Fall!” “Spigot Inc would love to come back each semester and speak with your students at FGCU,” replied Natalie Engelbrecht, Executive Paralegal at Spigot Inc.

Spigot Inc plans to stay involved with Florida Gulf Coast University’s Career Development Services, as we would like to be top of mind to graduating students. Spigot Inc has a lot of great talent that are alumni of FGCU and we would be happy to have more ‘Eagles’ in the building.

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