Monday and Wednesday’s are usually a great day at Spigot, Inc. because really, who doesn’t like free food?! Spigot, Inc. has many perks – but free lunch (especially a whole bunch of platters of sushi) is on the top of the list! Today we had Orgami Sushi catered to our office and it was a hit! We ordered a variety of rolls:

  1. Perfect Price Platter – Comprised of Tuna, Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon, eel & cucumber
  2. Sushi & Makimono Platter: Tuna, shrimp, salmon, escolar, krab, white fish & eel
  3. Oragami #2: Vegetable Spring rolls, Shrimp Shuman
  4. Cooked Roll Platter: volcano, unagi lover, crazy dragon

Free lunches on Monday & Wednesday are a great way to promote our collaborative culture and team building. Our lunch all gets here at the same time, so it makes it easy to eat lunch together and (of course) play some games in the break room!

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