Casual Friday’s have a whole different meaning at Spigot, Inc.! We love our “work hard, play hard” mentality and after a long work week – you will usually find employees going on a big team lunch together, hanging out in the break room, playing (some seriously competitive) games of Ping Pong or just hanging out at each other’s desks. Spigot, Inc. employees even hang out in the office after work and take advantage of our beer fridge and tons of games in the office. Everyone agrees it’s really great being a part of a company culture where everyone doesn’t run for the hills on Fridays.

According to an article posted by Arkadin, “A work hard, play hard atmosphere builds better companies and  is part of what unites teams to excel, both when working and when playing.” Spigot, Inc. works hard to keep their employees happy; from team building trips, flexible work hours, amazing benefits, company happy hours and a collaborative work environment. The article also states “It’s obvious that organizations with higher employee engagement levels are more likely to see an increase in profit and productivity than those with lower engagement,” and at Spigot, Inc. that couldn’t be closer to the truth.

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