Spigot, Inc. had a great time at the KCDC conference last week! For the past few years Spigot, Inc. has been sending developers, but this year we got the opportunity to not only send some of our developers – but to send one of our recruiters AND sponsor a booth!

Not only did Spigot, Inc. have the best swag, but we also challenged some of the developers to get it. One hot item in particular was red bull, so we asked them to ask for a red bull in code!

On top of meeting great people, some of our development teams were able to go and listen to guest speakers, participate in workshops and (of course) enjoy some delicious KC BBQ.

Overall it was a very successful shows – we met some potential new members of the Spigot family, got to know some of the event founders and set up plans for next year to not only sponsor the event again, but also potentially speak at the event!

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