This week we have visitors from our sister company Polarity Technologies in Cyprus and from our Spigot, Inc. KC office. So of course that means another team outing! Everyone comes here to to get work done, but of course – after work there is time to play! The last time everyone was in town, they were craving Cuban – so we took them to the best Cuban place around: Fernandez the Bull in Naples! We decided to share everything family style (mostly because no one knew what they were ordering) and it was delicious. After dinner we had flan and milk cake for dessert! We are really excited to have visitors in town this week and love our team building events! 

Team building is extremely important and a large part of our success here at Spigot, Inc. Our parent company is based out of China and they have companies all over the globe we work side by side with – so it’s really important for us to travel and develop relationships with everyone in the other offices; as well as in our Fort Myers office.

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