Nowhere at Spigot, Inc. is safe when the Nerf guns come out. Almost everyday someone will be peacefully working at their desk and BOOM, they get shot with a Nerf ball. Nerf battles are just another part of the Spigot, Inc. competitive culture and a handful of Spigot, Inc. employees have Nerf guns in the office. Cubicles soon become barriers and you might catch someone hiding behind (or under) yours. If you follow our blog, you have seen all of the fun games we play here at Spigot, Inc. and this is just another one to add to the list. According to an article in Pyramid Solutions, “It’s a fun way to de-stress at the workplace that doesn’t involve intense physical activity or lengthy setup/cleanup. And what better way to take out your frustrations towards my extremely loud typing than shooting each other with a Nerf bullet?” Nerf battles happen so often that there are even Nerf balls stuck up in the rafters on the ceiling!

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