Spigot, Inc. recently renovated their office, adding a ton of stuff. We got a brand new kitchen, a lounge area, beautiful wave walls, conference room furniture, collaboration areas with couches and 80 standing desks to accommodate new and current employees! We previously shared the space with another company, and we are growing so rapidly that we ended up taking over the whole office and updating.

The collaboration areas are perfect for everyone to hang out and pass around ideas or just take a break from their desks. Instead of having small round tables in the kitchen, we now have a giant bar area where everyone can eat lunch together comfortably, play video/board games or (of course) take a break from their desks! We still offer free lunches from all over on Monday’s and Wednesday’s!

Spigot, Inc. is in the middle of an entire redesign, we just got a new logo and we are redoing our website. We are growing like crazy and planning on hiring 50 employees this year. We are currently looking for Software Engineers, Business Analysts and Media Buyers! Feel free to send your resume if you’re interested!

Send your resume and cover letter to careers@spigot.com for review, Check out all of our adventures and stay tuned for pictures of the renovation on the Spigot Inc blog.

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