What’s the most important meal of the day you ask? Breakfast! Plain and simple. Some say espresso and ice cream don’t go together but that is not the case here at our Spigot, Inc., Kansas City office. A lovely, delicious spread was provided to the WeWork Corrigan building by Concierge Errands & More and Spigot, Inc. got to participate! This mouth watering breakfast spread included an egg and potato frittata that was baked to perfection. It also included avocado toast for all you millennials out there which was perfectly savory and the perfect start to any day. Fresh strawberries paired with white custard cream that danced harmoniously with your taste buds. However our personal favorite was the ice cream drizzled over with espresso on top to kick start our day. The only thing better than breakfast? Free breakfast! Our free breakfast was also a great opportunity to prepare for our day with other Spigot, Inc., Concierge Errands & More and WeWork employees and chat and enjoy each other’s company.

Spigot ,Inc. isn’t only a company, it’s an amazing culture to immerse yourself in with endless perks like our free breakfasts and too many to name. If Spigot, Inc. is where you belong, send your resume to us at careers@spigot.com and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram… like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Spigot, Inc. lifestyle.