Team Building, Office Friendships and Collaboration are a big part of Spigot, Inc.’s culture and today we threw one of our employees. Lauretta Ostertag,  a surprise baby shower for her new baby boy in the conference room. A handful of employees starting planning last week, set up a fake meeting for Lauretta to distract her and decorated the conference room with Oh Boy! Decorations, cupcakes, cookie cakes, a banner and of course tons of presents! After her “meeting” was over she was escorted into our main conference room to see something cool and we were all there! She got to open all her presents and enjoy some sweet treats with other Spigot, Inc. employees and it was a great time for all! Here at Spigot, Inc. it is extremely important to everyone to keep our company culture collaborative in every way. We enjoy our frequent breaks to hang out and play games with one another; as well as our free lunches where we get the opportunity to all sit down and eat together – this was another awesome way for us to spend time together and show one of our fellow employees how happy we are for her! 

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