Today’s lunch at Spigot Inc was catered by Fine Folk Pizza… and let us tell ya, it was a lot better than fine! As soon as you take that first bite, you can tell these pizzas are made with passion. Fine Folk offers over thirty specialty pizza options as well as salads, and an artisan seafood menu with over ten sauce options. We had some of the traditional pizzas as well as a few that make you go HMMMM, where did they come up with that? Check out their menu and see for yourself.

Fine Folk Pizza is family owned and operated. They are located close to our Spigot Inc office in Fort Myers. Fine Folk Pizza is family friendly and have pizza acrobats on location. “Be sure to have your camera ready and bring the kids while you wait for your food to be prepared. One of our certified pizza acrobats will be out to entertain your family by teaching the little ones (or any one who wants to learn) to flip pizza dough like a pro. This is not your traditional pizza shop. This is Fine Folk Pizza.”

Spigot Inc recently upgraded the pool table so that we can now convert it and also play ping pong! After enjoying the pizza from Fine Folk, team members played a few matches on the ping pong table. Another successful catered lunch at Spigot Inc!

If you want to get in on the next catered lunch, review our Spigot Inc career page for more info. Check out what else is happening at Spigot Inc on our blog.