We’re nothing if not avid music enthusiasts here at Spigot, Inc. Kansas City. Seriously. We ALWAYS have music playing throughout the day. There is always a perfect balance and mixture of genres being played at all times. From 90s pop, indie rock,pop, folk, rap, reggae,classic rock and even the occasional country song here and there, we cover all the bases. It’s a great way for us to stop throughout our day and say “hey I love this song! who is this?”or “hey! you like this artist? ME too!” Music definitely creates a bond between employees that makes us work better together here at Spigot, Inc. We take turns on who controls the music so we get to hear each others’ preferences throughout the work day. It’s great because everyone gets to hear what they want at some point during the day.We’re also really big on Spotify as well as Pandora just in case no one feels like controlling the music we just shuffle the songs to our liking.  Our nifty Sonos speakers are perfect for the work environment because they’re just the right size and don’t get too loud since we don’t want to disrupt other working on our floor.

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