Ever wonder what a New Years celebration is like across the globe? Well – Spigot, Inc. got an invitation to celebrate with their parent company, Genimous and gladly accepted. Every year Spigot, Inc.’s parent company, Genimous, throws an unforgettable Chinese New Years Party and Spigot, Inc. employees get the opportunity to travel across the world and attend, some even extended their trip to Japan!

Not only does everyone try all kinds of crazy food, experience traditional Chinese music and dances, they also got to ring in the new year with Baijiu, a grain based spirit and is used in Chinese culture to celebrate life. Cheers to 2019 or as our friends in china say “Gānbēi.”

Following dinner and performances was an award presentation where Spigot, Inc. team members were awarded the Excellence Contribution Award for outstanding achievement amongst the Genimous group.

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