Red is a very prominent color that means so many different things to us all. Today, we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the States and red is definitely the color of the day. In China, the color red represents much more. Red now has a new meaning. It’s fascinating to learn how other cultures celebrate color in such a strong and meaningful way. Thank you Genimous, for sharing with Spigot, Inc. the Chinese meaning of red. I’d say that we all feel differently about a color that in the US… just think of a color in the rainbow.

“From among a world of colors, red stands out the most. The color red is fresh and pure, and in China we call it China Red. Chinese people are fascinated by the color red not only because of its intoxicating vibrancy, but also because of its rich meaning in Chinese culture and history.

It is believed that no country in the world has ever adopted a color in such a thoroughgoing way as China, where red is a symbol that gives color to the soul of the nation. In the past, red stood for dignity and mystery. Even now, we adore the color much more than we love it. It is can be said that ‘China Red’ is an eternal theme for China, and an essential color for the Chinese people. “China Red” has become a quite popular word, attracting the world’s attention.

Shooting red-colored things in China is an easy task, as its powerful presence can be found every-where. All traditional red things have been playing special roles in China: the walls of ancient palaces, the national flag, Chinese knot, lantern, couplet, clothes, traditional paper-cuts for window decorations, and even red tanghulu (sugar-coated haws on a stick). Red is the color of the auspicious, signifying reunion, health, happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity. Only real things and events can fully display and explain its beauty. Only in its relation with people can the color be alive and meaningful.”

This picture represents who we are as a company… harmonious, vibrant, healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous.  Thank you Genimous for teaching us a lesson in color, and life!

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