Spigot, Inc. recently decided to go green and start transitioning the office into becoming more eco-friendly and efficient. Last week we replaced all of our plastic ware with Green biodegradable silverware, biodegradable plastic cups and coffee cups – and we also stocked the pantry with biodegradable paper plates; as well as glassware to minimize the amount of trash being thrown away and live plants to improve indoor air quality! We are also planning on getting biodegradable notebooks for swag! This is just the beginning of our GREEN movement, but if you want some pointers for YOUR office (or house) here are some other things you could do!

  1.  Maximize natural light
  2. Encourage green commuting (Carpooling, scooters, etc.)  
  3. Go completely paperless
  4. Keep the thermostat at a higher temperature

If you want even MORE pointers, check out this website!

If you want to be a part of a company that values not only their employees, but their health and the environment too – Spigot, Inc. would love to speak with you!

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