When most people imagine a growing tech city, most think of cities located on one of the coasts. Midwest cities almost never come to mind. Until now.

Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri is only growing and expanding even more. A city once only recognized for mouth-watering BBQ, jazz, breath-taking fountains, and home to fierce football fans, is slowly being recognized in other areas. KC has been dubbed as one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest. The growth Kansas City is experiencing is balanced and is spread out thoroughly making it ideal for relocation. In the past few years Kansas City has nabbed recognition for its tech and entrepreneur industries. Overall growth is contributing to the economic growth and technology growth and the relocation of tech companies to the humble Midwest city. Potential and hope are alive and well in Kansas City and in the hearts of residents. The lovely city of fountains has seen 157 percent growth in year-over-year listings for tech jobs and is only expected to keep growing and prospering. The city has also grown in population by 6.3 percent in the last seven years according to the census bureau. Our Spigot, Inc. Kansas City office is so lucky to be in the heart of all this growth and innovation in this amazing, colorful city. We can’t wait to see the changes and growth to come to the city as well as grow with it.

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