What’s one way to cure the Monday blues? Spigot, Inc. knows the answer: La Croix! If you’re in Florida like Spigot, Inc. you already know summer is here and there is no better way to beat that summer heat then to crack open a cold fresh can of cold, bubbly La Croix! You also know that the days of drinking water flat like a barbarian are behind us. La Croix has become super popular in the US for one reason, they were smart and strategic. According to AV News “If you want to be written about, win over a bunch of writers. And starting in 2014, writers in Los Angeles began drinking LaCroix in droves. National Beverage expanded its West Coast distribution and got onto the websites of office supply stores for easy ordering. That was a decisive moment. From then on, “we ordered LaCroix from OfficeMax and it saved my life,” said [former TV writer’s room assistant] Ryan Rosenberg.

Here at Spigot, Inc. one of the MANY perks we receive is a full refrigerator of beverages. Spigot, Inc. provides us with  almost all Coke & Pepsi products for free everyday, free beer and wine after 4 and almost ALL of the flavors of La Croix.  La Croix, which contains no sugar, sodium, or artificial sweeteners is definitely one of the most popular drinks here in the office and due to how convenient it is for offices to order, we receive huge shipments almost twice a week!

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