It’s not everyday you see your coworkers at their desks playing video games, but at Spigot, Inc. – that’s a thing! Anything that promotes competitiveness and collaboration are welcome here, and this past week Super Smash Bro’s has been extremely popular. If you follow our blog you have definitely seen we are huge fans of Mario Kart, but that has taken a back seat as everyone gathers around with their Nintendo Switch’s and plays Super Smash. Smash was released last Friday and a few Spigot, Inc. employees even had the game pre-ordered and mailed to the office!

Video game culture is strong around here – everyone is welcome to bring their consoles into work, so we do just that! Multiple people also have X-Boxes at their desks, but right now the Nintendo Switch seems to be the popular choice. At Spigot, Inc. we love our work-hard, play-hard atmosphere, taking breaks and blowing off steam in friendly competition makes the company more productive as a whole.

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