Team building is extremely important to Spigot, Inc. so we do everything we can to make sure we figure out ways to do that! This time our Mobile team went on a Cayman adventure and visited our sister company Eightpoint Technologies and got to do a ton of team building activities.

The team got the opportunity to rent jet ski’s from the Westin Grand Cayman and ride around the ocean, dive into the water and check out the coral reefs and all of the fish (they even threw chum into the water to get the fish to come to them).

The next day the team got to go to Cayman Crystal Caves and Nature Forest to see the caves (which were awesome!). 

Overall the trip was great and everyone got to know each other a little bit better outside of the office!

Our parent company is based out of China and they have companies all over the globe we work side by side with – so it’s really important for us to travel and develop relationships with everyone in the other offices; as well as in our Fort Myers office.

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