Starting a new job can sometimes be stressful. Not knowing anyone and not knowing what to expect can be hard so Spigot, Inc. does everything to try to make it a great experience. Spigot, Inc. recently had a bunch of new hires and company culture is extremely important to us, so what better way to welcome the new employees than have a company wide happy hour! In the past month we have had 5 new employees start, and Spigot, Inc’s office is growing rapidly-  so everyone doesn’t always get the chance to mingle throughout the whole office. Not only did our new hires get to come out and hang out, we have a new employee starting next week and he got the opportunity to come and meet the team! Spigot, Inc. employees left the office yesterday around 4pm and headed over to the Keys Bar and Grille in Gulf Coast Town Center. Everyone had a great time playing corn hole & pool, eating appetizers and enjoying drinks. We even had to request an additional bartender on staff because we had such a large group!

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