If you follow our  blog, you know Spigot, Inc. employees receive a TON of perks (Free food, pop up parties, an awesome atmosphere, travel, surprise breakfast, the list goes on!). Another AMAZING perk offered to Spigot, Inc. employees is FREE mandarin classes and tutoring provided by Varsity Tutors. Classes are offered 4 times a week (2 beginner classes and 2 intermediate classes) so all Spigot, Inc. employees have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Not only does the instructor teach the class for an hour, there is an optional half hour of tutoring after class to further progress! Spigot, Inc.’s parent company, Genimous is based out of China and this is a great way for us to become closer to them AND learn something new!

According to EF Education, “Speaking more than one language doesn’t just give you more choices when applying for jobs or when diving into the dating pool, it can actually alter your brain structure and even increase your brain size: It’s almost as if your brain suddenly had a sixpack and killer biceps!” – who wouldn’t want that?!

If you love learning new things and would be interesting in furthering your career, Spigot, Inc. would love to speak with you! Send your resume to careers@spigot.com and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram… like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Spigot, Inc. lifestyle.