Spigot, Inc. has a great relationship with their parent company, Genimous – and we are so grateful for our visits and team outings with them. Spigot, Inc. employees frequently get the opportunity to travel overseas to China and they come to the states as well! On this visit a group from Genimous  and Spigot, Inc. went on a Florida Adventure to the everglades on an air boat ride and then to the shooting range. In the everglades everyone got to experience seeing live gators, swamps and what it’s like to fly on top of water. Everyone even got to hold baby gators! After the boat ride, the team went to lunch at Pinchers where they ate some authentic Florida seafood and even some Gator (Not the baby ones). 

Spigot, Inc. has a ton of perks – but one of the greatest ones is the opportunity for employees to travel around the globe and the culture we all get to experience due to the relationships we have with our parent and sister companies.

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