This past NFL Sunday, the Kansas City Spigot, Inc. team along with several Fort Myers members got the chance to go to the Chiefs vs. Bengals game! There are a few things that Kansas Citians take very seriously and that is: Barbecue, art, and the Chiefs of course! The game was the perfect opportunity to catch up and spend necessary quality time with our fellow team members and show them the ways of the Midwest. Even though it was super cold and our Floridian team members aren’t used to cold weather, we still had an amazing time! The weather was 60 and sunny all day, perfect tail gate weather. What’s better than friends and NFL Sunday and the Chiefs? Nothing! We had amazing seats and got to witness 4 amazing touchdown passes by Patrick Mahomes and his amazing offense.   

Here at Spigot, Inc. we are so lucky to do all kinds of fun team building activities like this. It’s so fun to go to each others’ cities and experience the others world for a few days. If you feel like you have the drive and passion to launch your career in a dynamic, entrepreneurial and fast paced culture, Spigot, Inc would like to hear from you. Send your resume and cover letter to for review!

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