As Spigot, Inc. grows – so do our teams and the frequency of our visitors from offices in our other locations (which means more team outings!) In the past year we have hired over 20 people and are looking to add another 50 employees this year. We often have company-wide happy hours and pop-up parties to celebrate wins or welcome new employees, but our individual teams have grown so much that they also have their own team outings and team celebrations.

Last week we had visitors from our Romanian office and we took them on an airboat ride at Corey Billie’s Airboat Tours in the everglades (a real Floridian Adventure). Everyone had a great time seeing all the alligators out in the everglades and doing 360’s on the boat! After the boat ride everyone got the opportunity to hold a baby alligator. 

Team outings and team building are a large part of Spigot, Inc.’s success. Employee happiness comes first, so Spigot, Inc. does everything to make sure we enjoy working together and coming to work everyday so fun team building activities are a must.

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