Ever walk into work and some things just aren’t the way you put them? Well today at Spigot, Inc., one of our employees came to find their desk completely wrapped in wrapping paper for his birthday. A few members from his team took him out for a birthday lunch, while others got to work. Not only was the entire desk wrapped (lol, yes the whole desk), so were the monitors, key board, mouse, mouse pad, water bottle, pens and anything else possible Spigot, Inc. employees could find to wrap! Too add to it, he doesn’t particularly care for Kevin Costner – so we had an entire cake of his face made and decorated his entire desk with photos (and some secret ones hidden in his stuff too).

At Spigot, Inc. we have the “work hard, play hard” mindset. Pranking each other, celebrating birthdays, friendly (and sometimes aggressive) competitions, games in the office and team outings are really important to our culture and we believe it makes us more successful.

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