Who ever said business and fun don’t mix? Here at Spigot, Inc., we completely disagree! Some of our very own Spigot, Inc. employees were granted the opportunity to travel to some amazing places and see some amazing sights while working. It’s important for us to keep positive and strong relations with our fellow Spigot, Inc. team members in different countries. This not only allows for strong, positive relationships, it also allows us to really delve and immerse ourselves into different cultures, step outside our comfort zones and try new and exciting things.  This month, one of our very own traveled all the way to Cyprus and got to experience first-hand the breath-taking view of the Mediterranean, try different exotic food and drink, and explored various touristy spots like the beautiful beach of Farmagusta, where guests can take a dip in the Mediterranean or just sit back, relax and enjoy a cocktail. They also went to see the beautiful overlook at Aphrodite’s Rock. Team members also got to explore Bucharest, Romania as well. 

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