Here at Spigot, Inc. when we aren’t stuffing our faces with free lunch every Monday and Wednesday one has to wonder what we’re stuffing our faces with in the meantime. Our Kansas City Spigot, Inc. office is fully stocked with a plethora of snacks. There are almost too many to choose from. Among our favorite ones are Belvita bars, Cliff Bars, beef jerky sticks and bites, an assortment of dried fruits, real fruits, peanuts, assorted mini chocolates, and those cute little Haribo gummy bears are a huge smash. When it comes to beverages stocked in the office here at Kansas City Spigot, Inc. we are big on Coke Zero, La Croix, and big fans of San Pellegrino (so delicious). Requests for snacks are always being taken so it really makes it feel like home, stocked with your very favorite snacks.

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