Spigot Inc always looks forward to a catered lunch from 3 Pepper Burrito Co. These guys always have the freshest ingredients, even in the aftermath of Irma. The taco bar never disappoints. We know it’s not Taco Tuesday, but Spigot Inc just put a Wow in Wednesday.

Inspired by lunch, Spigot Inc took things to the next level again! Just as everyone needed that little kick to push through the rest of the day (also blame it on the lunch) the office was serenaded by a Mariachi Band. And that just wasn’t enough, we also had the option to enjoy a margarita! Everyone was surprised, and now more than ever… we have no idea what to expect next at Spigot Inc.


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks due to the hurricane, and Spigot Inc certainly knows how to show their employees that in the midst of the crazy, they want us to stop and enjoy life!

If you want to get in on the next catered lunch or pop up surprise party, review our Spigot Inc career page for more info. Check out what else is happening at Spigot Inc on our blog.