Here at Spigot, Inc. team outings are a huge deal and something we take very seriously to boost morale and to just get out of the office and take a break from whatever might be going on at work. They are also important in maintaining healthy work relationships with fellow employees, after all, we do end up spending 40 hours a week together so it’s extremely important everyone gets along and finds a common ground! This week a few of our team members made our way to HeadPinz in Fort Myers. HeadPinz was perfect for some much needed bowling, laser tag, and so many awesome arcade games and of course appetizers!

One of Spigot, Inc.’s biggest perks is the appreciation for their employees and the fun we get to have together as a team. Everyone stays extremely motivated because we truly have a “work hard, play hard atmosphere.” Spigot, Inc. employees know what it takes to get the job done and their hard work is rewarded.

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