Today was an exciting day at Spigot, Inc.! After 2 (really) long weeks of renovations – the team finally got to open the office. Thank you SO much to the team pictured above that spent countless 12-15 hour days working to get this project completed. We now have an upgraded kitchen, beautiful wave walls, a new floor, a huge gaming area, small collaboration areas all over the office, and 100 standing desks! Most of us didn’t get the opportunity to see each other while the office was closed and renovations were underway, so it was nice to get out of our houses and have the ability to collaborate with the team again!

Want to come check out the new office? Send your resume and cover letter to for review and come in for an interview, we’re hiring!

Check out all of our adventures and stay tuned for pictures of the renovation on the Spigot Inc blog.

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