At Spigot, virus and malware protection is something we recommend to all of our clients.  If you’ve ever thought that all virus protection programs are created equal, ask someone who just got Windows removed as malware and/or Facebook flagged as a phishing site by Webroot security and anti virus. No one at Spigot Inc has Webroot virus protection installed on their computers, so we escaped the craziness.

If you didn’t catch the article, you can read the entire story about how Windows was  accused of being malware, falsely detected by the Webroot Anti Virus program. As we stated before, not all virus protection programs are the same.

Check the Spigot Virus and Malware Protection Center for Spigot Inc’s recommendations for the best anti virus and anti malware programs. If you feel you have a virus on your computer, be sure to use a well known anti virus and malware protection software to scan your system and assist with removal of any virus or malware.